Article No. Length Price
WROL/2 HYD 1020 1020 mm40.16 ''
WROL/2 HYD 1530 1530 mm60.24 ''
WROL/2 HYD 2040 2040 mm80.32 ''
WROL/2 HYD 2550 2550 mm100.39 ''
WROL/2 HYD 3060 3060 mm120.47 ''
WROL/2 HYD 3570 3570 mm140.55 ''
WROL/2 HYD 4080 4080 mm160.63 ''
WROL/2 HYD 4590 4590 mm180.71 ''
WROL/2 HYD 5100 5100 mm200.79 ''
WROL/2 HYD 5610 5610 mm220.87 ''
WROL/2 HYD 6120 6120 mm240.95 ''
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Fast lower clamping system in C45 hardened for R2 and R3 dies, length from 1020 to 6120 mm (40.15" to 240.94"). max load 2000 kN/m/66 US-Tons/ft.

WROL2 clamping systems represent an evolution of New Standard systems for R2, R3 dies and R4 dies with 12.7mm 0.5'' tang. They are made in one solid piece with a new structural and aesthetic design. Every WROL undergoes heating treatment to give the proper hardness to the contact surfaces with tooling. According to the necessary capacity you can choose among Power, Supreme and Extreme line. Several lengths are available from 1020mm (3.608 ft) to 6120mm (20.131 ft) for any press brake. WROL2 installation along the axis is guaranteed by TX adjustment.
A press brake can be retrofitted from R1 to R2 New Standard without losing too much daylight thanks to the limited height of ROL2.
The appearance has been improved by reducing the overall dimensions with ergonomic advantages too.


WROL2 clamping systems are for R2 New Standard, R3 dies and R4 dies with 12.7mm 0.5'' tang.


The system is available in pneumatic and hydraulic versions.


The system can be equipped with a led bar for the correct tool positioning or to indicate if the system is on or off.


Rolleri adjustment system during installation is very useful to adjust the overall beam length.
The subsequent advantage is the correct position of the bending axis in relation to the backgauges. Thanks to this, precision and repeatability are guaranteed for any profile.


WROL2 systems can be mounted onto a lower beam thanks to holes with standard pitch. TX enables any correction along the X axis.
Instructions to connect the system to press brake CNC are given in the user manual.


  • To be connected to CNC for open-close function
  • Gives electric signal to CNC in case of lowering pressure, setting press brake in Alarm stop
  • Works on 220-380 volt
  • Pressure 30/80/160 BAR


Fast lower clamping system in C45 hardened, pneumatic, for R2 and R3 dies, length from 1020 to 6120 mm (40.15" to 240.94"). max load 2000 kN/m/66 US-T…