Rolleri Tech's goal is to offer a consultancy service for the development of new products, prototyping management and optimization of production processes in progress to all customers who work with sheet metal.


Technical advice with fast response times and complete solutions for the world of deformation:

  • prototype/product analysis;
  • feasibility study according to the pre-existing machine park;
  • feasibility study optimised according to production batches;
  • preparation of technical data sheets;
  • transmission of the electronic formats of the machining cycles;
  • calculation of production times.

By purchasing the Rolleri Tech service you will immediately have at your disposal:

  • calculation of profile development;
  • calculation sheet for analysing the flow rates of laser-cut tools;
  • omega profiles;
  • hinge profiles;
  • radiused folds;
  • calculation for dimensioning and load-bearing capacity of Large Hollows.

Moreover, Rolleri Tech, thanks to the experience of Rolleri Spa, also offers a catalogue of technical solutions developed through the study of over 130 special bending profiles made with different completely different solutions.

With a password and a login provided when purchasing the service, it will be possible to access the database to consult all the solutions present and to be always updated on the new profiles loaded.


In addition to the services offered with the ROLLERI TECH subscription, the following services are included:

  • realization of the prototype;
  • 3D Modeling
  • production support for technical support;
  • training on bending simulation systems proposed and already in use by Rolleri technicians.
  Rolleri Standard Rolleri TECH Rolleri Tech PRO
Average response time  72 h. 48 h. 48 h.
Commercial offer      
Protype/product analysis      
Feasibility study according to the machine fleet      
Feasibility study according to production batches      
Technical documentation with dimensioned drawing      
Technical documentation with dxf      
Documentation with convenience calculations      
Transmission of the electronic formats of the processing cycles      
Calculation of the realization time      
Bend simulator use (2 hours per week)      
Access restricted area TECH Solutions      
Direct telephone access Rolleri TECH      
Shared Skype account      
Realization of the prototype      
3D Modeling      
Production support for technical support      
Training on bending simulation systems      

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