Precision Press Brake Tools

Rolleri is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Press Brake Tool Manufacturer. We guarantee precision alignment of .0004″ tolerance, and all of the tools are induction hardened up to 5mm depth.

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Our goal is to become your trusted supplier of press brake tools by providing the best and most economic tools to fit your specific needs.

We are available to answer any and all questions you and your bending department may have at any point, and we are happy to advise you when making a purchasing decision.


Our products are based in the US, and we ship to anywhere in the Americas, including the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Delivery time depends on shipping location and product availability.

Contact us if your order requires expedited delivery, and we will do everything we can to get your order to you in a timely manner.

Our Expertise

Rolleri is ISO 9001:2008 certified. We manufacture precise, high quality press brake tools, and we carry a .0004” precision guarantee.

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R1: European Tools

European tools have a standard safety groove that keeps the tool from falling out. They are compatible with the widest variety of press brakes.

R2: WT Tools

Rolleri type R2 are compatible with Bystronic-Hämmerle, LVD, Trumpf or on press brake machines with NSC (New Standard Clamping) systems.

R3: Beyeler Tools

Rolleri type R3 are compatible with Bystronic-Beyeler RFA, Bystronic-Beyeler RF, Bystronic-Beyeler R, and Bystronic-Beyeler S press brake machines.

R4: American Tools

Rolleri type R4 tools are compatible with Accurpress, AM Machinery, Atlantic, Cincinnati, and other American press brake machines.

Rolla-V Dies

Our Rolla-V Dies are a unique solution for minimizing marks, forming larger radii, and forming other special U shapes. Rolla-V allows for smaller minimum flanges and are compatible with most press brake machines.

Rolleri RX Tools

Rolleri RX tools are compatible with EHT, Weinbrenner, American, Gasparini, Ajial-Axial, Colgar, LVD, Colly, Hämmerle-Bystronic, and other press brake machines.

Rolleri Clamping Systems

Rolleri sells European, American, and WT clamps for your press brakes.

Rolleri Adapters

Rolleri has a wide variety of solutions for your press brake machine including punch adapters, bolted adapters, die adapter rails, die adapters, and wedge bar/tails.

Rolleri Mark-Free Bending

Rolleri has solutions to prevent bending marks, such as scratches and abrasions, on the metal’s surface.

Rolleri Special Tools

Rolleri has special tools for z-profiles, hat-profiles, trapezoidal profiles, pressed contours, foldings, hinges, radii, beads, and other special profiles.

Rolleri Services and Modifications

Rolleri Punches Type R1, R2, and R3 can be used on other press brake machines by modifying the tang. We can make these modifications to fit your needs.

Rolleri Shear Blades

Rolleri manufactures high-quality shear blades to meet your exact specifications.

Rolleri Accessories

Along with our extensive line of press brake tools, Rolleri also sells high-quality tooling cabinets, tool trolleys, bench boxes, squaring arms, supporting arms, and back gauges.