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Workplace Health Safety & Security Policy

Safety and health in the workplace and environmental management is a commitment for everyone, which manifests itself not only in respecting safe and correct behavior in carrying out one's work, but also in constantly creating the most suitable conditions for this to happen and environmental impacts are adequately reduced.

in sharing this principle with all employees and interested parties, the ROLLERI GROUP, made up of the following entities:


has implemented and implemented a safety management system in compliance with the requirements of the ISO 45001:2018 standard and the environmental management system according to ISO 14001:2015 and is committed to the continuous improvement of the system in compliance with the laws in force, the internal regulations and taking into account the size and potential of the company, the nature of the dangers, the environmental impacts and the risk levels.

for the concrete achievement of the established values, the ROLLERI GROUP undertakes to:

  • analyze its internal and external context, also analyzing the needs of stakeholders, the market, the health and environmental conditions of the territory.
  • deepen and maintain a high level of compliance with current legislation by carrying out systematic checks on compliance with legislative obligations which will be carried out through audits with sector specialists at least once a year.
  • prevent, reduce and eliminate accidents and occupational diseases by eliminating potential and real causes with a constant commitment to internal dialogue between the various safety personnel which also includes the presence of management.
  • analyze, evaluate and reduce the environmental impacts of its production processes and products, paying attention to the surrounding area and also implementing monitoring actions in addition to what is required by mandatory laws.
  • comply with the requirements expressed by the reference standards, with constant monitoring with experts in the sector which sees internal audits at least once a year.
  • pursue continuous improvement, taking charge of accidents and/or potential environmental impacts and also making investments where sustainable to improve safety and the environment.
  • disseminate the objectives and improvement programs with the entire chain of responsibilities defined and disseminated at ROLLERI GROUP level.
  • make available the necessary resources for the effective implementation of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System and Environmental Management System.
  • actively involve workers and consult them with meetings held more than 2/3 times a year.
  • raise workers' awareness of the perception of risk, compliance with prevention measures and the application of the protection measures adopted, this has led to the improvement of the expected signs as well as the adoption of variable messages on the organisation's monitors.
  • periodically review the contents of the workplace health and safety policy and the environmental policy during the management review conducted at least annually.
  • third-party certifications of company organization systems to ensure compliance in compliance with the standards by evaluating them independently.
  • implement corrective actions as necessary to achieve the expected objectives.
  • reduce energy consumption in relation to the company's production.
  • undertakes to use electricity produced from renewable sources as much as possible.
  • undertakes to monitor and manage in a controlled manner (with projects that will see the use of IoT tools) the temperature of working environments in order to reduce energy consumption and comply with current legislation.
  • undertakes to reduce waste by increasing recycling or reuse in internal processes.
  • undertakes to reduce the energy used for lighting by ensuring the use of the most modern lighting technologies.
  • undertakes to spread the management systems progressively to all the operational sites of the already certified companies.

The company has already intervened to:

  • reduce the risks of injury (replacing process machines with more technologically advanced ones, improving the safety systems of existing ones and providing adequate training to staff).
  • identify and use materials that promote pollution prevention, waste minimization and resource conservation through life cycle assessment processes.
  • keep workers' personal exposures to noise, vibrations and chemical agents under control (defining improvement actions where necessary).
  • raise workers' awareness (by planning training/information meetings on safety and environmental issues).
  • ensure the proceduralization of environmental activities and the implementation of the environmental impact monitoring and control scheme.
  • implement an operational control of the monitoring and control activities of compliance with the obligations and the plans for monitoring environmental and health & safety impacts.
  • providing for the control of asbestos inside the company premises which over time has seen the replacement of the various coverings that included it but on which the group maintains active monitoring for the newly acquired offices.
  • improving the safety of the most obsolete machines with targeted interventions and huge investments to guarantee total marking of the machinery.

Quality policy

Rolleri Holding Spa recognizes that being chosen and appreciated by the customer means:

  • Report
  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Image
  • Price

The objectives that Rolleri Holding SpA assigns to the subsidiaries Rolleri SpA and Rolleri Manufacturing Srl are:

  • To understand the needs and expectations of the customer and other interested parties;
  • To offer the customer all their problem solving skills to meet their needs;
  • Responsibly perform the intended functions and duties assigned to each member of the organization, considering as their customer the colleague who is downstream in carrying out any activity and considering the one who is upstream as a supplier;
  • Always and accurately identify the components of the value proposition and the quality expected and perceived by the Customer;
  • Keep their know-how constantly updated, to be able to offer the customer the best of technology;
  • to pursue technological innovation;
  • To obtain, through the efficient management of available resources, sufficient margins to support development investments;
  • To produce with the lowest possible defect index;
  • Designing complete solutions that meet customer requirements and expectations increase the value of the brand perceived by the customer.

To achieve these objectives, the Board of Directors intends to promote, develop and support the activities related to:

  • Involvement of subsidiaries' staff;
  • Training at all company levels of the subsidiaries;
  • Definition of adequate investments for the continuous improvement of the company.

In carrying out its mission, Rolleri Holding SpA undertakes to monitor that the subsidiaries:

  • For customers, develop a value proposition by providing products and services that meet contractual and mandatory requirements, demonstrate transparency and reliability, ensure quality at competitive prices, including through analysis and cost containment;
  • For suppliers, favor a fruitful collaboration in order to be able to be an active part in defining the performance and characteristics of the product and service requested by the Customer;
  • For employees encourage growth and a sense of responsibility aimed at guaranteeing profitable and serene professional relationships and a healthy, safe and satisfying work environment.

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