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ROL200 MAN Extreme

Article No. With intermediate Price
ROL200M Extreme INT100 INT100
ROL200M Extreme INT120 HD INT120 HD
ROL200M Extreme INT150 HD INT150 HD
ROL200M Extreme INT120-40 HD INT120-40 HD
ROL200M Extreme INT150-40 HD INT150-40 HD
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Manual upper fast clamping system with front clamp for Type R1 tools, 150mm/5.90" length. Max. load 1000 kN/m/33 US-Tons/ft

ROL200 represents the patented system created by Rolleri for a safe, vertical tool change of all type R1 tools. While the Extreme version may be adopted for all the standard intermediates (H100, H120, H150) and with 7 or 20 mm axes (Z1 and Z2), The Power version was developed with the aim of providing a single clamping system that could work with two different types of power supply.

With ROL200 Power we can control the clamp movement both pneumatically and hydraulically with the same system, as all the connection and the components are standardized in order to offer an easy, safe and economical solution.

This innovative clamping system can satisfy every need in terms of final application: it’s suitable for first equipment of new press brakes and also to renew the equipment of older machines.


Rol200 patented system is compatible with all press brakes with Amada-Promecam type tang. No tool modification is necessary.


The front clamp allows a quick, vertical tool change.

Tools are mounted and dismounted by a special movement wich ensures a safe anti-fall system and accelerate the tools setup operation.


All these clamping systems lift and seat punches automatically against the intermediate and guarantee their perfect alignment.


Anti-fall system “full safety” for all R1 type tools without modifications.


System available in pneumatic, hydraulic and manual version.


Its installation is quick and easy, as the system is mounted on Rolleri Standard intermediates. No press brake modification are needed

ROL200 manual system is really easy to use thanks to a central controlled stroke screw wich allows a quick and safe tool tightening.

The intermediate does not need a connection to external devices, that means a extremely rapid installation. 

ROL200 KDS MAN Extreme

Manual upper fast clamping system with double clamp (front and rear) for Type R1 tools, 150mm/5.90" length. Max. load 1000 kN/m/33 US-Tons/ft