Compatible with: Geka, Peddinghaus, Mubéa-Sunrise, Selfer, Alfra, Imac, Ficep, Kingsland

Punching tools

Punching tools for different machines. Our punching tools guarantee high quality standards, they are designed and manufactured entirely within our production departments. Our technicians are at your disposal in order to study the best solution to your need, suggesting the best tools for your punching machine.

Up-Grind and tool sharpening service

Tools sharpening can give back to a punch all features as first purchased, but the machine that should be used for regrinding tool is also very important as all our tools (and most of the tool you have in your tool’s inventory) are made of High-Quality Special steel, so you must follows some specific procedures for regrind these tools in a proper w…


Cabinets and trolleys for punching tools. Organize and protect your punching tools from dirt and damage. Your punching machine will be more performing with well-preserved tools and thanks to these accessories your production department will always be well organized.