Article No. Length Price
ROL TM R2 1530 1530 mm60.24 ''
ROL TM R2 2040 2040 mm80.32 ''
ROL TM R2 2380 2380 mm93.7 ''
ROL TM R2 2550 2550 mm100.39 ''
ROL TM R2 3060 3060 mm120.47 ''
ROL TM R2 3655 3655 mm143.9 ''
ROL TM R2 4080 4080 mm160.63 ''
ROL TM R2 4250 4250 mm167.32 ''
ROL TM R2 5100 5100 mm200.79 ''
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Manual crowning table in C45 hardened and ground, for R2-R3-R4-R5 dies. max.Load 2000 kN/m/66 US-Tons/ft.

Crowning tables enable mechanical compensation of any press brake deflection. Such deflection is directly proportional to bending length and to the ratio between sheetmetal thickness and die V opening.
Rolleri crowning table is composed of a bar made of special steel opposite to a wedge row.
Each wedge can be individually set to compensate better small working areas.
The bar can be activated manually or automatically thanks to a motoreducer connected to press brake CNC.
Crowning table setup is very simple and fast.
Every table is manufactured according to press brake features in order to improve its activity and integration with a press brake.
Rolleri offers several table versions according to the tang of dies to be clamped.


Crowning tables enable mechanical compensation of any press brake deflection


Manual clamping. Possibility to compensate the whole press brake length or only some areas of it thanks to independent wedges


On the front side of a table there is a screw with a scale to adjust a specific point along the table. The use is simple and efficient and shows in every moment the type of crowning used to bend any sheet metal.


Our tables are supplied with all necessary accessories to be mounted and lined up perfectly with a press brake upper beam.


  • Possibility to have the same hole pitch present on the press brake table
  • Possibility to clamp dies with different tang type
  • Motor is positioned as standard on the right of operator's side; on request it can be positioned on the left.