FAST CLAMP3 represents the right synthesis between traditional screw systems and the most common lever systems. With this solution we have a bracket built in a more resistant material with the application of a heat treatment that gives the surfaces greater hardness and an anti-oxidant property.
The clamping principle is based on the concept of the lever using a central pin. The peculiarity of FAST CLAMP3 is that the pin is always adjustable. In this way we have permanent control of the clamping force even on the punches whose attack could be slightly worn. FAST CLAMP3 is mounted on all standard intermediates and thanks to a hardened reinforcement plate, the central pin does not scratch the intermediate body as happens with traditional systems.
The standard lever is equipped with a removable extension for even easier tightening and the same extension can be used for the FAST CLAMP3 with the short "LC" lever to eliminate any lateral obstruction and facilitate the bending of boxed profiles.
With the KDS system (Double bracket kit) we can simultaneously close both brackets by acting on the central lever from the front.