Thanks to C-Up, the grids have a longer life and the quality of the cut sheets is much better.

C-Up easily removes slag thus also eliminating any oxidized residues avoiding contamination on stainless steels.

C-Up advances through a system of wheels whereby the grids maintain their characteristics unaltered over time and the cleaning procedure is quick and safe.

Cleaning the support bars maximizes the reliability of the process and therefore improves the quality of the finished products, both on fiber and CO2 lasers.

Working with dirty grids involves:

  • Greater surface on which the scraps of the cutting process are attached;
  • Greater reflection points of the laser beam that will damage the sheet metal and, especially in the case of stainless steel, the risk of creating rust spots;
  • Difficulty for the loading and unloading system to pass between the grids.

Avoid replacing grids that are still usable just because they are dirty, and before replacing them there will be a period where they will be more or less full of slag compromising the sheet metal support surface.

It is able to quickly and safely clean the work tables of almost all flatbed laser cutting machines currently available on the market.

Fast, robust and reliable, but extremely simple to use, it requires only one operator.

Deeply removes even the most stubborn stainless steel slag much faster than manual cleaning, significantly extending the life of the bars.


Grid conditions Forward speed
Less dirty 28M/Min.
Dirty 13M/Min
Very dirty 8,5M/Min


1500 mm handle
2000 mm handle


For the removal of slag, C-Up uses a pair of HSS cutters for which the duration is extremely high equal to 20,000 linear meters in standard working conditions.

2 mm
3 mm
4 mm

One year warranty.

Patented and CE certified.