The ROL2 represents the best performing system for the quick locking of R1 matrices with 60 mm (2.36 ") and 90 mm (3.54") base.
Thanks to the automatic clamping, the pressure exerted on the tool is well distributed with the advantage of not affecting the positioning of the tool on the lower table.
The concrete benefit translates into an optimal alignment of the "V" of the matrices. But in addition to a higher quality of alignment determined by the locking, the system guarantees unparalleled tightening speed. Both in the pneumatic or hydraulic version and in the manual version, the operator can start the bending cycle in absolute safety in a few seconds.

ROL2 was created to complete the range of quick clamps for R1 tools.
The system is applicable to the new press brakes and is adaptable to all the presses already installed. ROL2 stands for speed, quality and flexibility.