EASY CLAMP is the simplest system and considered a standard for the whole R1 world. The range of intermediates is very wide thanks to the different useful heights ranging from 100 mm (3.94 ") to 150 mm (5.90"). The 2 thrust axes are provided for these intermediates: Z1 at 7 mm (0.28 ") and Z2 at 20 mm (0.79"). For each intermediate it is possible to mount at least 2 types of brackets: manual (screw) and quick (lever).
For each of these standard brackets it is possible to have the clamping surface ground or to receive them with the polyurethane insert for an even more effective locking of the fractionated sectors of the punch. EASY CLAMP can also have a fixed height with a tolerance of +/- 0.01 mm or it can have an adjustment wedge for proper management of the ribs.
By acting on a central screw, it is possible to move the wedge to increase or decrease the working height of the intermediate.