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ROL4 is a quick clamping system that guarantees a very powerful clamping and is particularly suitable for "rebound" and fastening of tools with an important weight but not only.

ROL4 is proposed both in the manual version and in the hydraulic version.
The rear bracket is always present for mounting the punch in inverted mode.
The front casing mounted directly on the bracket, in addition to making the system aesthetically pleasing, also has the function of protecting the connections between one intermediate and another. This protection avoids any accidental collision and preserves the components.

Thanks to the adjustment wedge, the ROL4 offers the possibility to compensate the normal structural deformations of the press brake.
A central slot allows you to unscrew the sealing screw of the wedge and its displacement to the right or to the left, determines a different height of the intermediate.

The most evident features of the ROL4 are: reliability, robustness and safety.