ROLL PRIME - Presentation

ROLL PRIME tools are the right solution for all those applications that require the total absence of bending marks on the sheet, rapid delivery and dimensional accuracy: thanks to FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology it is possible to produce tools and inserts of a special plastic material fully adaptable to customer needs with a production lead time halved compared to traditional techniques.

The incessant search for innovation has pushed Rolleri Spa towards the adoption of 3D printing systems, the future of production technology.

  • Total absence of marks on the sheet
  • Production lead time halved
  • Costs reduced by 30% -40% compared to a classic special tool
  • Ideal for fast prototyping
  • Ideal for mini-series of products
  • Repeatability of the bending result

The full freedom of geometries that can be obtained allows us to study customized solutions for each customer, also offering the possibility of rapid prototyping.
The molds produced in ROLL PRIME are ideal for small batches or for samples thanks to delivery times and costs reduced by 30-40% compared to a normal special tool.