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Rolleri’s constant research for innovation brought us towards the 3D printing world, the future of manufacturing. Roll Prime is the solution for applications which require mark-free sheet metal,reduced delivery time and dimensional precision: thanks to FDM technology (Fused Deposition Modelling) we are able to produce tools and inserts made of special plastic material, completely adaptable to customer’s needs with halved production lead time compared to traditional technology.

• Totally Mark-free bending

• Halved production lead time

• 30-40% less costs than a classic special tool

• Ideal for Rapid Prototyping

• Ideal for small batch production

• Bending result repeatability



Roll Prime inserts are an innovation in mark-free bending: thanks to their special composition they can guarantee total absence of marks on sheet metal, giving repeatable and long-lasting results, removing all the annoying problems of classic bending foils.
With our technology we are able to propose highly customizable solutions, so it is possible to design inserts which are fully adaptable to your tools.



Thanks to an infinite choice of shapes, we are able to study specific solutions for every customer, with the possibility of rapid prototyping.
Roll Prime tools are the right solution to produce small batches or samples, as they have between 30% and 40% lower costs and shorter delivery time than conventional tools.


ROLL Prime TS 

Plastic material with the best aesthetic and an excellent UV  and electrostatic dissipation resistance.

Ideal for finished products for immediate use in evrey field where an high mechanical resistance is not required.

Use of soluble support which is the completely removable also in grooves, holes, etc..

Tensile strength 27 MPa


Plastic material ideal for concept modeling, with high tensile strength and shock resistance. 

Ideal for functional prototyping, industrial instruments, measuring equipment and clamps.

Use of soluble support which is the completely removable also in grooves, holes, etc..

Tensile strength 26 MPa


Plastic material widely used in sectors such as Automotive, aerospace and medical, thanks to its hig tensile strength and flexibility.

Ideal for  equipment production, parts of machines, bearing cages, etc..

Tensile strength 40 MPa and high  abrasion resistance.

ROLL Prime TP - X

Biocompatible material, sterilizable with utrlaviolet and X rays, high mechanic and heat resistance

Ideal for pharmaceutical industry, food and medical packaging, surgical guides, etc..

Use of soluble support which is the completely removable also in grooves, holes, etc..

Tensile strength 57 Mpa

ROLL Prime TP - Pact

Ideal for funtional modeling, industriual equipment, small batches production with good surface finishing, electrical tools prototyping, etc..

Use of soluble support, in order to facilitate the production of complex parts with deep internal cavities.

Tensile strength 41 MPa


Each material can be printed with 3 different layer thickness, in order to maximize print definition or time, reducing costs.

A thinner layer allows to obtain higher print definition and higher final product definition, but increases production time.

Availables layer thicknesses:

  • 0,127 mm/0,005 in
  • 0,178 mm/0,007 in
  • 0,254 mm/ 0,010 in
It's possible to customize the print in relation to the type of product and to mechanical and aesthetical needs , by asking to our 3D print Department. We accept all types of 3D interchange files such as STL, STEP, IGS and all Solidworks formats.