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Slat cleaner C-UP and C-UP EVO

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Slat cleaner for fiber laser and CO2 laser.

Thanks to C-Up, slats have a longer life and the quality of the cut is much better.

C-Up easily removes the slag, also eliminating any oxidized residues and preventing contamination on stainless steels.

Thanks to its system of wheels the slats maintain their characteristics unchanged over time and the cleaning procedure is fast and safe. Cleaning the support bars maximizes the reliability of the process and therefore improves the quality of the finished products, both on Fiber and CO2 lasers.

Working with dirty slats involves:

  • Greater surface on which the waste of the cutting process is attached;
  • Higher reflection points of the laser beam which will ruin the sheet and, especially in the case of stainless steel, the risk of creating rust points;
  • Difficulty for the loading and unloading system to pass between the grids.

You will not have to change anymore usable slats just because they are dirty. C-UP is able to quickly and safely clean the work tables of almost all flat laser cutting machines available on the market today.

Fast, robust and reliable, but extremely simple to use, it requires only one operator. It thoroughly removes even the most stubborn stainless steel slag much faster than manual cleaning, prolonging the life of the bars.


Slats condition Speed
Not very dirty 28M/Min.
Dirty 13M/Min
Very dirty 8,5M/Min


1500 mm Grip
2000 mm Grip

Grinds available

In order to remove slags, C-UP has two extremely long-lasting grinds made of HSS (almost 20.000 straight meters under standard condition).

2 mm
3 mm
4 mm

One year warranty

Patented and Certified CE.


New EVO system eliminates operator’s physical exertion and makes the cleaning operations almost automatic!

The EVO system can be easily connected to C-UP and, thanks to a pneumatic pulling device, slat cleaner is constantly pulled forward and guarantees a sensitive reduction of cleaning tool wear.

Now every C-UP is supplied already set-up to be connected to EVO and C-UP already in use can be updated to this version.
C-UP EVO is composed of C-UP slat cleaner and EVO pulling equipment. Every customer will also receive a drawing to manufacture the guide needed for EVO to slide on.

Furthermore, when EVO is not in use, it can be positioned under the slatbed so that it’s not an obstacle.