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Space-Up is much more than an automatic storage system.
It can provide useful information about tools by interfacing with the machines: information about tool status, position, about the operator who took them, about the value of the stock.


  • Space-Up can provide information about a specific tool
  • It communicates the effective wearstatus of a specific tool
  • It gives information about the stock economic value
  • Time-saving
  • Space organiser
  • Safety
  • Ergonomicity
  • For bending tools, punching tools and laser consumables

Technical features

Height From 2400mm/94.48" to 7000mm/275.59"  (1m step)
min spacing between drawers 25mm/0.98"
Drawers length 1300mm/51.18"
Drawers width 425mm/16.73"
Max net load per drawer 350 kg
Total max. load 25.000 kg
Max height stocked material 650mm/25.59"
Speed Up to 190 cycle /hour depending on setting
Operator interface touch screen 10,4'' (Copilot)
Reduced energy consumption 1,2 kW/h (h=7000mm/275.59")
Electric supply One phase (230V) e Three Phase (400V)


A storage system completely organized in 3 different ways to better manage the flows between the Space-Up and the production departments. Each item can be protected by a password to better manage access and withdrawals. Space Up has its own console for any operation or query but the same information can be consulted on any other PC. Thanks to the new CNC press brakes generation, the machine program can be automatically received wireless by Space Up which directly prepares the correct tools. The Rolleri complete range of tools is already preloaded.


For each code loaded in the Space Up it is possible to check all the withdrawals and returns. In addition to this information, Space Up quantifies the tool time outside the system. In this way it is possible to set up alerts for scheduled maintenance in a predictive logic. Let's take a concrete example: we know that a Hemming tool needs the replacement of the springs after 100 hours of work. Once the tool reaches 80 hours, Space-Up warns about the need for maintenance. This function works for the tools of the press brake and also for the tools of the punching machine: in this way all the regrinding processes are programmable. This results in longer tool life and superior cut quality. Space-Up can also give information about the cost of the inventory, always corrected and uptdated in real time.


Space Up is programmed to manage your loan tools for which there is a return: the operator must declare the status of the tool at each return. With this procedure, everything within Space Up meets the quality requirements necessary for a new order. It is possible to configure a "non-compliant" or "quarantine" inventory where to place the tools that are no longer in perfect condition. Only after the control phase (which can be programmed with an automatic alert) the tools can be repositioned in the correct final position. In addition to the loan operation, Space Up manages the minimum inventories and stocks with a "New order" message. This function is very useful, for example, for the consumables of laser cutting machines.


Each operator will be provided with a badge. In this way everyone is enabled to recall the codes assigned without the danger of unauthorized withdrawals. In picking up and returning, the operator is facilitated in the operation through the use of a code and an image that shows the article on the Space Up screen. Always remotely it is possible to view all the movements and the availability of the codes can be consulted in real time in order to correctly plan the equipment of the machines according to the available tools.


Space up manages the individual layouts of the drawers through an image on the screen that indicates the exact location of the code to be picked up and repositioned. The advantage of this function is to always guide the operator and avoid errors of any kind, saving a considerable amount of time.


Each drawer is created ad hoc to receive articles for different uses. Their ergonomics are designed for the correct positioning of the tools for the press brake and the punching machine. It is also possible to have drawers already configured for the placement of laser consumables and welding. In general, the arrangement of the drawers is very flexible and versatile. The software automatically controls the height of the drawers for correct positioning inside the Space Up: in this way the drawers with the necessary tools will always be very close to minimize the waiting time required for the operations of pick up and return.