Rolleri vs. Amada

Customers choose Rolleri over Amada because of:
  • Quality
  • Lead time
  • Pricing
  • Assistance and service

Rolleri tools do not need to be sharpened ever! Why? Because we harden our tools! Every Rolleri tool has a hardness on the surface of contact of at least 56Hrc. Amada tools only get up to 48Hrc.

See Hardness compare ROLLERI-Amada

See for yourself how Rolleri’s contact hardness is higher than Amada’s and how deep this hardness goes into the tools.


As you can see from the diagram above, Rolleri tools are more hard than Amada tools until a depth of about 6 mm. Rolleri uses induction hardening in order to localize hardening, making the tool extremely hard at the surface, but keeping the rest of the tool malleable to prevent breakage.