Improving the Durability of Press Brake Tooling

Press brake tools are stressed every day in two simple, yet intense, ways:

1) Tools are compressed during each stroke of the press brake.
2) Tools are also “scratched” by the sheet metal we are bending every time the tools are used.

Maintaining the exact height of a tool is vital to the process of bending.


because to every 0.05mm of stroke, the sheet metal closes 2°

To put it another way…
if the height of the tool varies, or worst, if it varies only in certain parts of the tool… well, our part will never come out properly.

If tools change height due to normal use, no crowning system can help it…. we will have either a”banana effect” or a “snake effect” on our part.

Manufacturing tools that last

Precision tools grant exactly that, the fact that after 1 million strokes, the height of the tool will be exactly the same. And will, therefore, give you the same result.
Induction hardening is the key process that allows us to achieve a constant height.
By providing a material that is hardened to a depth of 4mm to 6mm, we at ROLLERI can achieve a tool that WILL NOT scratch or erode. And so, bending results will be the same on the first day and 10 years later. Contact us for more information.