Rolleri’s Crimping Machine

Rolleri has been a leader in manufacturing high-quality press brake tools and dies since 1987, and we are now happy to introduce a new line of customizable crimping machines to add to our arsenal. The versatile Rolleri Crimping Machine has a variety of applications including hydraulic flexible hose connections, pipe connections, fittings, rod crimping, sockets, and more.

Rolleri crimping machine 1Rolleri crimping machine 2

Customizations to fit your needs

With crimp forces up to 440.92 US tons and operating ranges from 7 mm to 190 mm, Rolleri’s Crimping Machines are sure to tackle any job. Plus they have many customizable options to fit your exact needs. Customizations include special dies, crimp force control, grips and holders, cameras, special voltage specifications, rear stops, and more.

Finding the right machine for the job

Figuring out exactly what options you need for your specific jobs can be difficult. That’s why Rolleri will help match you with the perfect machine for your job so you can get up and running in no time. Plus you will have the peace of mind knowing Rolleri’s high quality, precision equipment is at your side.

Rolleri is bound to have the perfect machine for your job. For small jobs with parts between 7 mm and 51 mm and only needing up to 49.6 tons of pressure, our R1L-450ED/8 is perfect for you. If you need a diameter up to 190 mm and force up to 440.92 US tons, the R1F-4000ED/B is the right machine for you.

No matter your needs, Rolleri is here to help you find the right equipment to get the job done. For more information on Rolleri crimping machines, be sure to contact us.