A Truly Unique Coating for Tools

Rolleri BLACKFIRE is a particular coating of your tools which defines itself by its increased corrosion resistance and special design.

The chemical treatment permanently solves the problem of oxidation.

The top surface of the metals changes through the phosphate process. It builds phosphate-like crystals, that attach themselves chemically on the substance. This improves the durability of the surface against corrosion.

Your equipment will have a long-term lifecycle left unchanged. The glossy black color of BLACKFIRE is compatible with the new technology and that allows a unique and esthetic look which connects well with the advantages of it.

You can have the BLACKFIRE treatment on all standard tools with a surcharge of 30%.

Please note that the delivery times vary by a BLACKFIRE Treatment.

Going Beyond Quality

  • no corrosion
  • better gliding by the exchange of tools
  • appealing design
  • long-life cycle