Dies Rolleri Type R1 are usually compatible with:

  • press brake machines (60 mm clamping-width) from:
    ACL, Accurpress, AM Machinery, Amada, Atlantic, Adira, Baykal, BL, Boschert, Boutillon, Bystronic-Beyeler Euro-B, Coastone, Colgar, Darley, Dener, Deratech, Durmazlar, Ermaksan, Farina, Gade, Gasparini, Gizelis, Haco, Hindustan, Iturrospe, Jfy, LFK, MVD, Newton, Prima Power, Promecam, Rico, Safan, Salvagnini, Schiavi, SMD, Sorg, Somo, Vicla, Vimercati, Warcom, Yangli, Yawei, Ysd, etc.
  • also applicable on all other press brake machines with Adapter-Systems and Adapter Rails

Going Beyond Quality

  • we are REAL manufacturers and every single tool is a PRECISION TOOL
  • with a unique serial number on every article, you can track every single piece of tool to the very moment of manufacturing.
  • PRECISION grinding (tolerance of +/-0.01 mm / .0004”)
  • guaranteed tool reproduction
  • exact parallelism an alignment
  • precise, consistent working height
  • we can easily modify our tools to your requirements
  • we have one of the largest tools inventory worldwide, ready for your needs


We use raw material only from qualified suppliers and in accordance with the HIGHEST INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS. Guaranteeing high resilience and tensile strength.

Material Type Mechanical resistance of the material
and the tool body
Hardness of the material and the tool body Hardness of the operating surfaces
after induction hardening
42CrMo4 900-1150 N/mm2 29,1 – 36,9 HRC 54 – 60 HRC
C45 560-710 N/mm2 12 – 15,5 HRC 54 – 60 HRC
  • Specifications for the maximum press force kN/m are indicated as such, 1 t = 10 kN.


All Dies Rolleri Typ R1:

  • All dies Rolleri Type R1 are standardized with a
    60 mm tang.

Modification: Wedge Bar / Tail

To use the dies Rolleri Type R1 on other press brake machines a 10 mm groove is milled and a grounded wedge bar /tail is needed in the correct size.


Wedge Bar / Tail (W x H) System
13 x 22 mm Rolleri Type R2 and R3
(Bystronic-Beyeler/Safan/Trumpf ect.)
55 x 47 mm Rolleri Type RX EHT
12,7 x 21 mm Rolleri Type RX LVD
35 x 47 mm Rolleri Type RX Weinbrenner


Specific information and prices are found in the Rolleri Service / Modifications Chapter.