Going Beyond Quality

The model 4 tools and the adjustable dies are for bending thick material and large radii. Material specifications vary greatly, therefore no specific data can be given.

  • Minimum borders are highly dependant
    on the squareness of the component.
  • Enlargement and hole distortion will be greatly
    reduced, however will be influenced depending
    on the type of material
  • Radius bending is strongly influenced by the elastic return of specific material and flange-size.


Force Material
300 kN/m max. 42Cr: 900-1150 N/mm²
Length Weight Price
500 mm 56.6 kg upon request
200 mm 22.7 kg upon request

Possible Die Holders:

  • 60 mm
  • 13 mm pin
  • 12.7 mm pin
  • 12.8 mm offset pin