Press Brake Tools, Dies and Other Products

Our products are the finest on the market. You won’t find more precise tools and dies, and they will outlast our competitor’s products due to our hardening process. Feel free to browse our press brake tools, clamps, dies, Rolla-V Dies, adapters, and other products by clicking a category below, or by viewing our PDF catalog.

  • R1: European Tools

    European tools have a standard safety groove that keeps the tool from falling out. Compatible with the widest variety of press brakes.

  • R3: Beyeler Tools

    Compatible with Bystronic-Beyeler RFA, Bystronic-Beyeler RF, Bystronic-Beyeler R, and Bystronic-Beyeler S press brake machines.

  • Rolleri Rolla-V Dies

    A unique solution for minimizing marks, forming larger radii, and forming other special U shapes. Compatible with most press brakes.

  • Rolleri Adapters

    Rolleri supplies punch adapters, bolted adapters, die adapter rails, and die adapters.

  • Rolleri RX Tools

    Compatible with EHT, Weinbrenner, American, Gasparini, Ajial-Axial, Colgar, LVD, Colly, Hämmerle-Bystronic, or any other press brake, with the use of our adapter systems.

  • Rolleri Shear Blades

    We have over 20 years of experience manufacturing the highest-quality shear blades. High-quality steels are finished according to your specifications.

  • R2: WT Tools

    Compatible with Bystronic-Hämmerle, LVD, Trumpf or on press brake machines with NSC (New Standard Clamping) systems.

  • R4: American Tools

    Compatible with Accurpress, AM Machinery, Atlantic, Cincinnati, and other American press brake machines.

  • Rolleri Adjustable Dies

    Our adjustable dies adjust for bending up to 30 degrees, so fewer tool exchanges are needed.

  • Rolleri Special Tools

    Heavy duty tools, adjustable dies, panelling tools, dies with holders, and our special BLACKFIRE coating.

  • Rolleri Services & Modifications

    Rolleri’s grooves and groove bars/tails for dies, gaps for windows, modified tangs, radius and angle modifications, grooves for dies, special sectioning, horn pieces, and modifications for the V–opening.

  • Rolleri Accessories

    Rolleri’s selection of high-quality tooling cabinets, tool trollies, bending boxes, squaring arms, supporting arms, and back gauges.

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Going Beyond Quality

  • Over 55,000 tools produced each year

  • Experienced consulting

  • Client-specific developments

  • Quality control check

  • Precision grinding (tolerance of +/-.0004”)

  • Guaranteed tool reproduction

  • Exact parallelism

  • Services over 65 countries


The raw material that we use for our tools is obtained from qualified suppliers. The materials compose chemical formulas according to international standards, guaranteeing high resilience and tensile strength.

Material TypeMechanical resistance of the material and the tool bodyHardness of the material and the tool bodyHardness of the operating surfaces after induction hardening
42CrMo4900-1150 N/mm squared29,1 – 36,9 HRC54 – 60 HRC
C45560-710 N/mm squared12 – 15,5 HRC54 – 60 HRC
1.2767830 N/mm squared22 – 25 HRC54 – 60 HRC
  • Specifications for the maximum press force kN/m are indicated as such, 1 t = 10 kN.