Download the Rolleri Bending App

In addition to many interesting contents, the free app contains the tool for calculating the development of the sheet metal and many bending rules to create different profiles.

The following pages contain examples of profiles designed by Rolleri to solve even the most complex geometries.
Each profile corresponds to the new nomenclature "F", F1, F2 up to the latest studies which go well beyond the number 100.
This is intended to be a new approach to the technical solution: for each "F" profile, Rolleri offers at least 5 solutions which are able to bend the profile through studies and sequences of reworked folds.
The profile, the number of products to be bent and the characteristics of the press brake used are considered: length, clearance, stroke, power and connections.
With these elements, the most appropriate study is prepared by evaluating together with the customer the best solution for the return on investment.
Each proposal provides an example through a drawing with all the bend sequences.

For shorter pieces, the possibility of using stage bending is always evaluated to reduce processing times through a single set-up of the press brakes.
For longer profiles, on the other hand, "overturning" is reduced to a minimum, always paying great attention to operator safety.
Thanks to this setting it will be possible to evaluate a study with standard tools, with modified standard tools and with multiple-bend moulds or the combination of the 3 possibilities.
For some applications Rolleri produces the sample of the mould with the EDM department or for certain tools, through CAD, we send the file to the new 3D printing machines to have the prototype made in a few hours and immediately start the bend tests.

The goal of Rolleri with this new technical approach is to provide in a very short time the best solution in compliance with 3 main requirements: quality, safety and economic advantage.