Our Company

Since 1987 Rolleri been producing standard and special tooling for press brakes. This family-owned company, owned by Francesco and Marco Rolleri, is one of the largest press brake tooling manufacturers in Europe. Headquartered in Italy, we have grown to include branches around the world. Our international branches include: Rolleri Brasil, Rolleri USA, Rolleri India, Rolleri Deutschland GmbH, Rolleri China, Rolleri Ukraine and Rolleri Benelux.

Rolleri USA is located in Avon, OH and services all of the United States, Canada, and Central America.

We offer fast and reliable service. In 2012 we moved our focus to direct sales in individual countries to improve our relationship with our international customers. Since then, we’ve been able to expand our portfolio, enlarge our stock, develop a new corporate image, and provide a completely new catalog of products.

Our Team

We are an innovative, dynamic and experienced team of all ages. We focus on consistency and harmony. Our mission is to bring you the best results in tool production.

At Rolleri, teamwork is the key to achieving outstanding customer service, research and development, great warehouse efficiency, and vast productivity.

The exceptional atmosphere in our facilities always has a positive impact on our products.